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Inaugural Note

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Inaugural Post
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Pakistan is burning. The integrity and stability of Pakistan is at stake. Extremists, miscreants and the terrorist outfits of the likes of TTP, LeJ, Jud, LeT, SSP and Jindullah are continuously pushing Pakistan in a horrible state of affairs. All these religious fanatics have one common agenda, the agenda of eliminating Pakistan from the map of the world, the agenda of absolute destruction, the agenda of inciting hatred, barbarianism and extremism all over the world. The agenda of implementing Jungle rule in the name of Islam and Sharia’h and to execute people publicly on the grounds of religious differences. This fever of brain is gripping our countrymen exponentially every passing day and I am too afraid to say that, that day is not too far away when tolerance and religious harmony would be bygone attributes of our society. This threat is a real one and it’s right upon us…

I would like to call upon every patriotic Pakistani to stand up against extremism, terrorism , tyranny and oppression. Please wake up and retaliate extremism with all the might in every possible capacity or else it will be too late to react to the situation we all are being trapped in. Indubitably Pakistan is going through the worst and the most dangerous phase of its history that is threatening its existence. It is thus the responsibility of every citizen, every politician to stand firm to save Pakistan. Civil society, journalists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, students, labourers in short everybody needs to take a clear stand to ensure the integrity and stability of Pakistan and to pledge that Pakistanis are a peace loving nation that is united against every aggression be it from inside or outside Pakistan.

I will be using this platform to spread my message, the message to save my beloved motherland from the clutches of ever so escalating dangers and atrocities, the message of peace, prosperity, tolerance, religious harmony and social justice for Pakistanis in particular and for the people living on earth in general. Let’s live and let others live peacefully and strive for a Liberal, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan.

Ali Salman Alvi

A concerned Pakistani