ICC elite panel umpire Asad Rauf of Pakistan is caught on back foot in a compromising position with Bollywood starlet Leena Kapoor.

According to a report by NDTV, a model from Oshiwara, a neighbourhood in Mumbai, had accused Rauf of sexually exploiting her after promising to marry her.

The starlet, Kapoor, in her written complaint to the office of a local deputy commissioner of police (DCP), had alleged that she had met Rauf in Sri Lanka almost six months ago after which they spent three days together.

After reaching Mumbai, she fell ill. Rauf came over to see her and their bond grew stronger. Kapoor says Rauf committed that he would marry her and get her a new apartment. He disclosed his marital status and the fact that he had two kids, but added that his religion allowed him to have more than one wife.

Asad Rauf, 56, admitted that his pictures with Kapoor are real, but categorically denied having any relationship with the Bollywood starlet, conceding that Kapoor was an “acquaintance” and nothing more.








According to officials from the DCP’s office, they have received a letter from Leena Kappor and an inquiry would be launched soon into the matter.

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